Saturday, 24 June 2017

Exterior Color Ideas for People Who Love White

Recently the color white has made an explosion in popularity among exterior designers and paint companies. Noticeably, several companies have made white their primary "color of the year". 

Below is listed our top 25 picks for homes that have accepted this "white craze". These homes are sure to put a smile on your face as you observe the neatness and elegance that they project. So before you crack down on your next painting job, consider wrapping your home in a polished white color that will be sure to give it a scintillating effect.

The white color will naturally be reflecting any amount of wavelengths that are imposed upon it. Consequently this means that your house will be much cooler than if you were to choose a darker color. Due to the fact that your primary color won't be attracting much heat you must weigh your options carefully. 

Now if you were living in a very hot climate you might want to consider white as your primary color just for that reason. However a lighter color for your home could be detrimental to your heating bill. At the same rate, if you wanted the white color regardless of what the thermometer says, you can always install proper windows and sturdy insulation.


Despite popular belief there's more to this color than just "white". There are hundreds of shades of white to choose from. The shade "White Dove" will give your home the right amount of bright white color youre looking for while adding a touch of grey. If you are looking for more of a cream accent to your blanket of white you can try "Cloud White". So when you are working on your dream home be sure to choose the right one.

While white makes a fantastic primary base color, there's so much more to add. You wouldn't want to paint your house any random shade of white, would you? A brightly colored door or trim can make your house seem well designed and well cared for. I've found that a dark shade of grey is a wonderful accent for items such as window frames.

Priming is a step that should never be overlooked although it is repeatedly mistaken as an optional procedure. Even though priming seems to just be more work, in conclusion it will save you countless hours of time and a large amount of money. Primer will seal the surface so that in turn you won't be needing as much paint. The benefits of priming extend much further though, priming can block stains, make your colors darker/richer, hide previous colors and make your paint job last much longer.

Faux panels are another fantastic idea for exterior design. Made from polyurethane materials faux panels are a incredibly cost efficient way to give your house a new look without bleeding your checking account dry. In defiance of its sturdy looks, faux panels are quite easy to install. Homeowners are easily able to install them independently without the need to spend more money on professional assistance.

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